3 Steps to Newbie Success Part II

If you missed our previous article, you can find and read 3 Steps to Newbie Success Part 1 here. Now that you have the proper tools to get started, you need to set up a system. The key to success on the Internet is to have a system in the place, once you build a system you can then start to build your list and your business.

Internet marketing is made up of systems, you need a way to attract prospects, follow up and sell them the products or service that they want, in order to do that, you need a systems.

A system is a quite simply step-by-step process that your prospects will go through. Some people call it a sales funnel. The purpose of to have the system is to turn prospects into leads and then into customers. It’s really that simple.

Lead Capture – What this mean is you have to have a web page on which your prospects can enter their name and email address to enter your system.

There are all types of lead capture pages, sometimes called a squeeze page or an opt-in page. However there are 3 elements that make an effective lead capture page.

1. Headline – You must have a compelling headline that will capture the interest of your prospects and entice them to keep reading.

2. Offer – This is where your free product comes into play. The product can be an ebook, software, audios, videos or even an email e-course. It just has to be something of value to entice the prospect to give you their information.

3. Opt-in Form – This is the code that you get from your autoresponder service, either it is from AWeber or from GetResponse. It allows the prospect to enter their name and email address and submit it in order to get your offer.

I assume that you may have been around on the Internet and already see many different types of lead capture pages. Like there are long page lead capture pages where you read through a lot of paragraphs of sales material before the opt-in form. There are short lead capture pages that are also called splash pages, which fit in one frame in your browser. These are short and to the point and have very few words, just a few bullet points and an opt-in form. There are also pop-up opt-in forms or just an opt-in form used on a website that says, For Updates, Fill In Your Information Here.

Utilize The Opt-In Process – After you have captured the lead, then what? A mistake that many marketers make is that they don’t utilize the opt-in process to add value to their offer. What they do is just use the basic Thank You page that is provided by their autoresponder company that says, “Thank You For Your Subscription”. To utilize the opt-in process, you could use this page to offer another product or free-to-join membership site which in return might help you sometime lead to sales.

In the double opt-in situation, you have two opportunities to make this second offer. Double opt-in means that after the lead presses the Submit button they will receive an email that ask them to confirm their subscribers to receive your further information. This email has a link that they must click before they will be added to your subscriber list and start receiving your emails. This process is in place to avoid frivolous SPAM complaints. Anything other than double opt-in is now frowned upon in the industry.

The best way to utilize double opt-in is when the lead enters their information and click on the submit button they are taken to a Thank You page. On this page you should have a brief explanation toward they will receive an email that they must confirm before they will be added to your list and receive their gifts, bonus or any other sort of incentives. It is helpful to tell them what the subject of the email is and that they should be looking for it in their inbox. But if you just stop there, you’re wasting the space because the Thank You page is a great place to put an offer for another free product, or a free to join membership site. It is best way to offer a product that is complementary to the one subscribers just requested.

Why you need to make this second offer? Here are the two reasons:

1. You are adding more value to the relationship that you are building with your subscriber and they will be more likely to confirm their opt-in.

2. Often times these free gifts have a back-end offer that can lead to commissions for you.

After your subscriber receives the confirmation email, (hopefully) he or she clicks the link to confirm their request for your information or gifts. Unfortunately another mistake that made by many marketers is to have the confirmation link go directly to the .pdf or .zip file that you were offering, instead of going directly to the product, you should take the opportunity to send them to a download page.

The download page is another opportunity for you to give them another shot at the same products on the Thank You page, or offer different products. You can even make a one-time offer of a product that will compliment the product that they received from you as a gift.

Make sure you clearly indicate how your subscribers are going to download their product. You will usually see words that say something like, “To Download Your Product, Right-Click Here and Select Save As”, which will also be a link. The better option in which to get better SEO approach is to have a link with words like, “Click Here To Download 3 Steps To Newbie Success!” You also need to make sure that you have instructions or links to the tools they’ll need to download your product, such as a link to Adobe Reader or a Zip utility.

Now that your new subscriber has downloaded your product, that shouldn’t be the end of your system. There are two other important parts of the system that now come into play.

Utilize The Product – There are two ways to use the product to add value, build a relationship and possibly generate back end sales.

#1 – The product itself

Hopefully you didn’t just give away a product with no links back to your offers or for upgrades. In your ebooks, whether it is PLR or Branded, make sure you include links to the tools that can help your new subscriber benefit from the information you are sharing.

If you are give away the software, it generally has a free version and a paid upgrade version with additional functionality. Some software products allow you to link back to the site of the person presenting the software, or an affiliate link.

So don’t miss this opportunity to add more value to your relationship and possibly make some sales.

#2 – The download package

Many marketers just provide a .zip file or a .pdf file which includes only the gift that was offered. A better way would be to include a .zip file which includes not only the gift offered, but also a bunch of bonus offers as well. These bonus offers can be in an additional .pdf file called READ ME FIRST.pdf or even Internet shortcuts.

Again it is all about relationship building and adding value to that relationship. People will not spend money with you if you just say “Here, buy my product.” But if you give them a good experience during their initial contact with you through the opt-in process, and add lots of value, they will be more likely to make a purchase from you because they know that you add more value to your offers.

The Follow Up – This is the part of your system that will generate the sales for you if your follow up is done through your autoresponder, a great way of doing that is to create a series of 5 or more emails that will go out every 2 or 3 days to your new subscribers. This follow up is an important part of the system that you are creating.

Your first email should be a brief email with the link to your download page in case they missed the page for some unknown reason or didn’t download your gift at that time. You should also include some sort of a link, whether to another bonus or to a low priced high value offer. You can also include a link to your latest blog post or an article that goes into detail about your topic. This will get your subscribers into the habit of clicking in your emails.

The second email should be an introduction of who you are and what you are going to provide to them through your email series. Let them know that you will be sending them more emails with information, tips, ideas, tools, and offers to help them achieve what they are looking for in their business. Again don’t forget a link.

The next few emails should discuss the topic of your gift, newsletter or ezine and the offer in a properly way.

After you have warmed up your subscribers and they expect offers in your emails, you can start to offering some products or services, the price range could be $7 to $49, and make sure that there are good upgrade offers to these products. But you do need to be careful of that DON’T SPAM your subscribers, which means don’t send them few emails in one day.

This type of warm up email series helped many marketers able to monetize the opt-in process, which allow them to pay for promotions of their system. Some experts say that you can expect to earn about $1 per opt-in subscriber every month.

However, in the journey of your Internet business, don’t get discouraged if that doesn’t happen right away. You need to warm up your list first before you can expect to start seeing numbers like that. When you find yourself can earn money for every subscriber you bring into your funnel, that’s the time you know you are on your way to success in your Internet business.

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