Afterwards, HostGator Make Me Sleep Better

I thought that I could catch up some work during my trip to China, unfortunately, guess what, all of my sites got blocked; they all fall out favor and now behind that famous Great Firewall.

I tried many ways; also used proxy server, but no luck, every time disrupting websites and Internet connections error message shows up, they are a standard tactic the authority in dealing with companies that fall out of government favor.

This whole ban and block sites stuff made me feel really bad. I remember last trip while I was in China, I can get access to the sites without have any problems, but this time I don’t know why it doesn’t allow my sites to show up? It looks like the government has tightened its grip on electronic communications

Since the content of my sites are all business and marketing related, I think there should no point for government to block it.

To find out why, I did further online research, guess what I found? – the government are not only blocked my sites; they actually blocked the hosting service provider (in the blacklist) that my sites are sat on, which in the Austin, USA.

To get a clear picture, I went further to check out some other people’s sites who are using the same hosting service provider as mine, guess what, none of their websites working and all got blocked as well.

Due to various reasons, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, Foursquare, Vimeo, Blogger, Blogspot, Wikileaks, Hulu and some others are already got ban by the Chinese government.

Stamping out foreign competition is nothing new. All countries do it. But I think China is quickly becoming the most aggressive and protectionist country out there.

I understand China is keeping YouTube out because it has its own domestic video sites – Tudou and Youku, the government wants them to grow and prosper. Likewise for Facebook, as what I see, the government actually doesn’t mind social networking, they have their own domestic Facebook clones, Renren and Kaixin001.

Same as Google’s departure, it has hugely benefited Baidu and now Alibaba, which has pushed the US giant into third place in the Chinese market.

In addition, Sina Weibo is the Chinese version of Twitter. The number of users of its microblog rose to more than 300 million in Q4 2011, according to the report.

I was in China by the time of writing this post, tried to Google more information about the censorship, but too bad, many sites are got blocked and can’t go through.

Can’t access my sites really make me feel bad, I have spent so much time and effort on my sites but till now I found that I let my sites settle for bad hosting. I deserve the best, and so does my site.

After back to Bangkok, the first thing I did to change the website hosting service provider!

We all make mistakes, but this time I will not choose an unreliable web host for my sites.

After did some intense study, I decided to take advantage of Hostgator’s FREE website (1 site free) transfer, which means they can handle the entire website transfer process from domain, file, database, and script transfer for you for FREE.

What a difference? – not to mention their 24/7 top-notch service, the landing speed of my blogs also got faster than the previous one (I paid high price but load very slow) that I used. Plus the price is great too, they have different hosting package for you to choose, now, they are running a 20% off special.

Later I will share with you more about how my sites doing after move to Hostgator, more in detail.

See, free access to information is a need and a privilege, my China experience make me wonder how many talents, students and teachers who want to have more access to information are not dissidents anymore and will leave China? (this could become the mainstream).

It has been about 4 days since my blog and sites transfer to Hostgator, so far everything is going so well, I am very happy about the decision I made.

Honestly speaking, after all those frustration, Hostgator make me sleep better!

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