Bloggers – Have You Embed Google Plus Post on Your Blog?

If you have been on Google Plus for while, you might already know week ago, Google roll out the Author Attribution and Embedded Posts feature, which means Google+ is giving people the ability to embed their posts directly into their web page, and this big announcement also simplified the process of author attribution for people who use WordPress and Typepad, they have provided easy mechanics to embed posts in your web page.

For example, months ago, I posted this article on my Google Plus, as you know, I have been share so many great articles on my Google+, sometime it is hard to track back the older post. But now with the new embed feature, it is easy for me to share it with others on my blog (this G+ resources list and tips is updating from time to time).


And the great thing about this new feature is that it is not only you can embed your own Google Plus post, you can embed other peoples posts that you share it on your Google+ as well, except for the post that marked as private, example.


You can also embed the post that you share from other people’s website with your blog readers. Remember, not everyone is on the Google Plus and also not everyone is connected with you on G+, so embed good and useful information on your blog, you can help and broaden your readers’ mind.

Below this article is from Plus Your Business, take your time to read it.


I think this great new feature is going to make a big difference for many bloggers, marketers and plussers. At least, Google Plus’s new move will motivate those bloggers whose G+ page has just been sitting around gather virtual dust.

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