Don’t Ignore the Ethics on the Internet World

ethics on the Internet

One of the things that really strike me about the Internet is the diversity of people. There are so many people from different backgrounds, countries, religions all in one place called World Wide Web, it is astounding. Since the beginning of time, man has struggled with the forces of good and evil, with that comes the difficult to define the line that separates the … [Read more...]

Social Media Update Optimize Length

social-media post length

Do you give consideration to how many characters a Twitter post should have? What about the right length of word count for blog title and blog post? Or how about the length of your video or podcast? When it comes to social media update and web content, the number of word length is one of the factors to consider. Sure, you have to consider a host of other issues as … [Read more...]

A Helpful Social Media Checklist for Business in 2015

Social Media Checklist

Through social media channels to market and promote the business is not something new. However, in the process of executing the social media strategy, have a nice checklist in hand before implementing the strategies will definitely help the effort. If you are trying to make sense out of your social media strategy for 2015, follow this simple step by step guide to create a … [Read more...]

8 Step Social Media Strategy to Your Effective Social Campaigns


"Ready, Fire, Aim!" When come to social media, many business approach it by jumping on and forgetting to plan. Having a social media marketing plan isn't just about creating a Facebook page or Twitter profile and automating your business updates, there's much more to it. Abraham Lincoln once said, "If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I would spend the first four … [Read more...]

ECommerce: Changing The Lives of People

ecommerce online store

Millions of would-be entrepreneurs around the world are discovering just how simple eCommerce is making it for them to finally own their own businesses. Business ownership was once reserved for those who had the experience to innovate new products, services and the money to implement everything it takes to set up shop is changing. Using the power of modern technology, … [Read more...]