Market Research is Also Important for Affiliate Marketers

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For marketers, no matter you are focusing on offline or online marketing, one task you must do is market research! "Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual (customer) and … [Read more...]

3 Search Engine Optimization Tools to Use

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Effective Internet marketing for online business brings traffic to your website and then converts that traffic into paying customers. When you can accomplish this conversion on a regular basis, you will know that your website marketing strategy is truly a success. However, to achieve that success, you need to know … [Read more...]

The Biggest Sale Ever from StudioPress

the best wordpress plugin for blog

Have you ever wanting to buy the Pro Plus All-Theme Package? Or looking for a new design for your WordPress site? Or do you want to save some serious holiday cash? Because this is too good to miss out, so that's why I want to let you know as soon as possible - Now is Your Chance to Save! StudioPress just launched … [Read more...]

Team Up Affiliate Marketing and eCommerce

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Millions of would-be entrepreneurs around the world discovered how simple eCommerce is that help them to finally own their own businesses. Business ownership was once reserved for those who had the experience to innovate new products, services, and who have the money to carry out everything. Fortunately, the … [Read more...]

Setup Exit Splash Page on Your WordPress Blog

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A new technology has been unleashed that has completely rocked the online world! Every now and then, someone releases a new product that makes the rest obsolete. Those new products are rare and hard to find. An under-the-radar software developer and marketer Dave Guindon has been secretly creating a script that … [Read more...]

Embed Videos from Multiple Sources Into One Player

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If you haven't read my earlier Benefits of Video Blogging, go to read it now and then come back here continue read the rest of this article. There are lots of video-hosting websites, like the most popular one YouTube, Vimeo and Daily Motion etc - they all have opened their APIs. To post the video from those … [Read more...]