Few Things You Need to Know About WP 3.2

If you haven’t upgrade your self-hosted WordPress platform to WP 3.2, you really should do it NOW!

WordPress 3.2 is the fifteenth major WordPress release in the project’s eight-year history. The focus in this release was to make things faster, lighter. Marshable has listed up a few nice things about the new release WP 3.2, below are the excerpt.

1. New Minimum Requirements – the new release officially drops support for older versions of PHP and MySQL. The new requirements mean that PHP 4 and MySQL 4 will no longer be supported, instead it requires for PHP 5 and MySQL 5.

2. Redesigned Dashboard – The new interface looks more professional and more polished. It is cleaner and more streamlined compare with the previous version.

3. Distraction Free Writing Mode – I like its nice new writing mode feature, which is aiming at cutting down on distractions and making it easier for users to “just write.” It also very smart and allow users to access various parts of the publishing interface.

4. Goodbye, IE 6 – many of the new features and additions just don’t play well with the aging browser in the new release WP 3.2, so they dropped of supporting for IE 6. Even you still can load the WordPress dashboard in IE 6 but it won’t look good or be very usable.

5. New Default Theme – Twenty Eleven, the new default visually is clean and modern and it supports responsive layouts, which means that the same website will look great on a phone, an iPad or desktop monitors of varying sizes.

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