Give Me 31 Days and I’ll Give You a Dramatically Better Blog

This is for those who have just started a blog but who don’t know what to do next. It is for those who have had a blog for a while but it’s stalled in its growth. It is for bloggers with bloggers block and lacking inspiration.

Every new, intermediate blogger and anybody who blogs for business purposes reads this book – 31 Days to Build a Better Blog (31DBBB), it is written by Darren Rowse of ProBlogger (it is the original source and an authoritative voice on the internet, on anything to do with blogging). For beginners and professional bloggers alike, that’s the place to go.

The book is designed to help you revitalize your blog by giving you 31 tasks that will all help to turn it into the page view powerhouse you’ve always dreamed of. It is presented in a workbook format where you can work though the lessons as fast or as slow as you want.

(From the Preface)

The idea is simple. By the end of this challenge you’ll have learned 31 aspects of blogging and put them into practice. It is designed not only to fill your head with knowledge ABOUT blogging but also give you some concrete things to do to actually DO something with the knowledge.

As the title suggests, the book is broken down into 31 sections or “days,” although the author points out in the introduction that readers can follow at their own pace, whether that means reading one section per day, three sections per day, or three sections per week.

There are 31 tasks each focusing on a different area of blogging, there are teachings on that particular area explaining why it’s important, and plenty of tips on how to actually implement that task. There is also a notes area to take notes.

In the other words, each section has a specific title that tells exactly what that section will cover. For example, the first section is called, “Write an elevator pitch for your blog.” Within each section, the author provides any necessary information, such as a description of an elevator pitch in the first section; explains why the step is important for bloggers; and assigns a task for readers to do on their own.

31 days build better blog

But you are never completely on your own, the author created an online forum just for 31DBBB readers, with sections for each day’s tasks, where readers can interact with other participants, ask questions, and get feedback on their work. At the end of each chapter in the book, the author provides a link back to the corresponding forum section and encourages you to head there to complete your experience.

Inside 31DBBB, each chapters are fairly short (typically 2-5 pages) and can be read fairly quickly, they are full of thoroughly explained, useful information that gets you thinking about ways to improve your blog. There is no fluff there!

The author discusses many creative methods of coming up with relevant content and capturing loyalty in your readers. Other topics include inspiring specific action from your readers, understanding of the scope of blogging, driving traffic to your blog, and developing an editorial calendar for your blog, together with many tactics and strategies that can be used for producing content and attracting visitors.

In the sections that seem to be geared toward blogs that are already somewhat established (ie. ‘Email a blog reader,’ which assumes that you have readers to email), he includes an addendum at the end of the chapter for brand-new bloggers who are still trying to capture regular readers.

The thing that struck me with 31 Days to Build a Better Blog work book was how well the information is put together, and in particular the depth of each topic.

Darren’s many years of professional blogging experience is clear throughout this workbooks.

31 Days to Build a Better Blog is written in a clear, structured and easily digestible format, that will certainly give you the tools and ability to make your blog even better and stand-out, above other blogs in your niche.

A great piece of work all-round and a must have for your library.

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