How to Build Your Online Business Through Google Plus

People are waking up to Google Plus, how about you? Can you really choose to ignore Google+?

Google Plus, a social networking site lets you integrate well with Google’s related products, lets you share the things, any type of content with your circles and lets you have video (hangout) chats with others.

Basically Google Plus is an awesome management tool that allows you manage well regards to your connections, data, people and at the same time build your business with like-minded people.

What is Google+

To help you have a clear understanding of what is Google+, I would like you watch below this video that Martin Shervington shows you why so many people are excited about Google+

Since Google+ launched in the summer of 2011, it grows steadily. Like many social networking services, Google Plus has won over a devoted core of users.

In his What the Plus!: Google+ for the Rest of Us, among of many practical advises and how to tips, Guy Kawasaki also pointed out that Google Plus give you the ability to categorize your relationships and define your circles from the get-go. It gives you ability to immediately find people who share your passions or see the ripple effects of what you post. Its video-conferencing made easy, and Google+ offers both the personal social media experience and its communal dimension.

By the way, your business going to change after you read this book.

As you know Google has integrated Google+ into search, they have invested a considerable amount of time and money in semantic image search that allows its search engine to look at a picture and understand it the way a person would. This is something extremely important to the business and brands.

If your online business wants to increase its likelihood of showing up in Google search results, Google Plus is a great place to foster an active and engaged community.

“When your customers search on Google, the results to the right may include relevant posts, photos, and videos from your Google+ page. Get found across Google, right when your customers are most interested.” (Google+ website)

“Leveraging Google search to promote your brand as a content creator is not just logical, it is also smart. Using your company staff to amplify your digital presence makes total business sense and creates a valuable, additional layer to any paid efforts you already have in place.” From Google Semantic Search, by David Amerland

In addition, by getting your business on the Google+, you can share links and content from your own website (and getting others on Google+ to do the same) which has an impact on search rankings today. If you can properly setting up your Google Authorship and building a robust network on Google+, you are setting your business up for future success as Author Rank starts to come on-line as a true ranking signal.

Build Your Online Business through Google Plus

As you run an online business, you know the critical key to a web site success is a constant flow of visitors and fresh juicy content, to make this; you can take advantage of Google Plus features to build and promote your business, among many other features, here are the two key features you want to learn and know.


Google+ allows you to organize friends into circles — such as acquaintances, co-workers, and so on. Users can then choose which groups to share information with, allowing for greater privacy and control over the flow of information.

Businesses can easily use circles to identify demographics and to target information and marketing. Promotions can be advertised to only those users who would find them most relevant, making marketing strategies more efficient.
After you watched Martin Shervington’s 7 tips for magnificent Google+ circle management, you will understand more about how Goole+ circle works


Hangouts are another reason that businesses should care about Google+. They are video chat groups that allow you to talk to up to a larger group – family, business associate, lawyers, colleagues and customers etc at once. Video chat options provide a great opportunity for your businesses to connect directly with customers.

The hangouts feature on Google Plus allows you to hold outreaches more frequently, as it is more convenient for someone to jump on their computer than to drive to a physical location. It also allows people who can’t attend to watch the recorded version of the outreach.

In addition to that, Google Plus hangouts also allow the outreach to bring people together from multiple locations and helping achieve larger goals, which offer great opportunities to conduct exclusive workshops or to roll out exclusive promotions.

To learn more about Hangouts, watch this video from Google+ expert Ronnie Bincer.

Google+ Communities

Google+ communities are similar to Facebook’s Group function. If you are a Google+ user, you can start your own community on any topic as well, this feature is for every Google+ use. Communities can be public or private, and either open for anyone to join or by invitation (or moderator acceptance) only.

The best thing about Communities is they were open to brand/business Pages from day one, which means that any Google+ brand/business page can create (and “own”) a Community, and can also join and participate in any other Communities.

Other Features

Google+ is already winning praise for its increased security and privacy controls.

For example, you are automatically signed in to a https server that ensuring a more secure connection. This is extra assurance for your businesses that handle sensitive information or that handle credit card payments or donations. This is especially useful for you by giving you greater control over your business and messaging.

In overall, Google Plus appears to be making social networking a more streamlined process that could have a great impact with its simplicity.

Don’t rush; to master the Google Plus, there is a learning curve you need to go through. So take your time.

Here is an extensive list of database, resources and helpful tips about Google+ that helps you do better marketing on Google+.

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