How to Enjoy the Joy of Becoming an Ebook Writer

How many people do you know that can call themselves a published writer?

No too many.

Think about when you were in your high school – how many people who you knew wanted to become a writer but then after grew up they got into something else?

From Hollywood Movies to prime time television, the lives and lifestyles of a writer have been romanticized and exalted (In part I believe it is because the writers of movies and television shows aspire to be published writers themselves).

books For those writers that writes as a living becomes an instant celebrity. Everyone wants to know how they get their ideas and give them their ideas for stories or articles they think should be written about.

When people upon meeting a writer, they will tell them their whole life story and hope the writer will somehow use it to his or her next book to make them immortal. This is not only happen to the people, it’s also happens in the business world. Sometime you see there downright reticule the amount of attention paid to writers.

You may familiar with this scene – see a writer sit alone in a coffee shop, gaze off into his or her imagination and then type furiously, the concentration he or she puts onto the keyboard makes his/her forget to drink those expensive good coffee that he/she ordered, what all he/she does is feverishly tap away at the keyboards of their laptops.

You think, it is good to be a writer and publish your own writings? But how?

Not too long ago, it is so difficult to become a published author, because the only kinds of books there used to be were only printed books. But the world of Self Publishing has changed so much during last few years. You can now self publish every book you write easily.

The costs to self-publish and ebooks online is almost nothing and it takes little if no time at all. But the thing that matters is – did you have a story to tell?

  • Do you remember the ones that floated around in your head as a teenager?
  • Is there anything left of the raged spiral notebook you scratched in, as the buss rumbled you along home?
  • What was that story you and your best friend were telling each other and adding bits to in the light of a flashlight at summer camp that year?
  • What was the name of that movie you saw with the dumb ending?
  • How would you have done it better if it was your story?
  • Do you want to make the world laugh or expose something worth crying about until someone does something to stop it?

To let your own writing get publish faster, follow the advises from How to Write Your Own eBook in 7 Days to almost let everyone connected to the Internet can buy and read your books.

So why not switch off your television, set out on the back patio with a tom colons dripping sweat down its side and pop open your laptop and start clicky clacking on the keyboard while the dog chases bird shadows up the fence.

Life is good as a writer, you can wait and see!

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    Great stuff here, Ann! ¬†Sometimes the best eBooks can be written in one sitting, if you are in the right mood (and the darned computer doesn’t act up!) Cheers!

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