How to Create a Successful Blog

You might have seen, or read, or heard about many blog success stories that make people want to blog. Like The Bankaholic blog was sold for $15 million. ArsTechnica sold for $25 million. PaidContent sold for $30 million.

In 2009, the job market has resulted in a ton of layoffs for journalists, many print newspapers and magazines went out of business.

Writers who worked for these media didn’t just sit there and wait, they take their skills to the Internet and start to blog. It was a big booming in the year 2010.

Just like reality TV has now become a career pursuit for some young adults, blogging is being viewed as a potential income source for those who don’t want to take the regular route to financial success.

However, as far as I see those new bloggers, most of them are scared of entering into certain market because they think there is nothing left to be written.

If you are a new blogger who is reading this article, keep reading.

If you are thinking the market is saturated already, it is too difficult to get your feet into the competitive blogging world, don’t give up. Do your homework and look at it from another perspective; twist it somehow.

Look into the dimension of your blog’s design, figure out what you want to write about, and which niche you want to be in first.

After that, do a search on the net and find out all the blogs in the same industry, put their information into an excel sheet, and add all the important dimensions you can think of, and then start to test them from the perspective of be a reader.

During your evaluating process, ask yourself this question,

“What readers actually want if they come to your blog?”

Put down the values from 1 to 10 in all the dimensions, such as the quality of its content, the layout, blog design.

You also need to look into whether it is search engine friendly or not, the quality of the products they offer etc for all the blogs (that you put in your excel sheet). You can use 10 as high level, 1 as low-level.

Do some research; think about about how and what your blog will bring value to your readers, reconsider the important points in the low-level dimensions group.

After you get this work done, you can start the blog and fill the gap.

In regarding to which niche to get into, the best suggestion I can give to you is to go into the niche you are PASSIONATE about, which means you want to enter to a niche where you truly have a PASSION for it.

You can start a blog about Doritoes potato chips if you passionate about it, and once it get rolling with traffic, wait and see how much others will pay you to own it.

Do the things that you passionate about is important, because it can into frequent blog posts to help you build a loyal and enthusiastic like-minded core audience, which will grow like a wildfire.

When that traffic hits a certain numbers, competitors will come knocking at your door and hoping to make an acquisition, funnel that traffic to their own interests.

About other bloggers, you really don’t need to worry about, because many of them you’ll be competing with won’t have the marketing savvy and insight to monetize their blogs as yours, so initially they may not see the same financial success.

However, don’t count them out either, especially if they’re fierce about feeding the Googlebots with constant content, and they’re not hyping up their reviews in a way that violates current FTC Rules.

Even now is September, it is still the time to start your blog. Take a look of past and ahead, the past has lessons teach you, and the future is waiting for you – it is wide open with possibilities, opportunities, challenges and successes.

Beside that, your goal for the rest of the year as a blogger should be to continue leaving breadcrumbs on a daily basis for search engine spiders as well.

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