How To Research and Create Your Own Products

If you are thinking about creating your own product, like an ebook to sell it online, the first thing you want to do is conduct your market research and understand what your market is buying, so that you will know what your prospect’s want.

After you get everything into the place and then you want to create something in which it is better than the competitor’s products.

However, if you’ve never created a product before, it can all seem a little overwhelming. In any case, just relax because all you need to do is follow these three steps to quickly and easily create your own high-quality product.

Step 1: Outline Your Ideas

Beside of doing your market research, you also need to know what all the topics were included in your competitor’s products. If you don’t know and want to find it out, you can browse the table of contents of their products. work from no home

You want to include all the topics that in their products to yours as well, plus any topics that might be missing from your competitor’s. In other words, you want to make your product better than those products that are already in the market.

By saying it, one of the keys to creating a good product quickly is to start with a thorough outline, also to include outline in your main chapters as well, so be sure to outline your subtopics and even the points you’d like to include in each subtopic.

Example: If you were writing a book about blogging, the section on getting a domain name and hosting might look like this:

A. Setting up a Website

1. Buy a domain name

1a) Tips for choosing a good domain name (.com, memorable, short, brandable, exact match for SEO purposes).

1b) Where to get a domain name

2. Buy webhosting

2a) What features you need (how much space, bandwidth, how many domains on account, what kind of control panel, etc)

2b) Where to get hosting

See how that works?

In overall, as example showing above, you want the content in the section to be short, perhaps just around 1000 words in total, but the outline has to be in very detailed.

With a manageable, “bite sized” topics detailed outline, it can help you easily create the product. You can create a series of short articles that just about 300 to 1000 words long. The reason for this is because in a psychologically level, for most people, they will be comfortable with this length of the content when they read your stuff; it is as opposed to thinking about writing a 20,000 page report or an even longer ebook.

Step 2: Research the Topic

After you get your ideas out, now you need to research each of the topics on your outline. Here are the three tips to help you do it:

  • Use multiple authority sources. In other words, make sure you’re getting your information from trustworthy sources (like news sites, academic sites or known experts, etc).
  • Learn the topic inside and out by reading as much as possible. That way, you can write about your topic without looking at any of your sources.
  • Interview people. If you want to create a product with information that can’t be found anywhere else, find the experts in the field ask them the questions and get the “secret” information. In other words, act like a journalist and get the “scoop” before your competitors do.

Step 3: Write Fast and Then Edit

After you done above two steps, it’s time to start creating your own product. You can type it, or use a tool like Dragon Naturally Speaking, a speech-to-text tool to get your work done.

Either way, the point is to move quickly and create your product without stopping to proofread, edit or second-guess your work.

Once the product is finished, and then go back to edit, revise, proofread and polish.

To ensure the quality of your product, you can let your friends look over it, or you may want to hire a professional to proofread the product before you release it.


Creating your own product doesn’t have to be that hard or overwhelming. Follow the above three steps, break down the work into manageable pieces and you will have your first product created before you even know it!

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