Is Blogging Better or Facebook Better?

Blogging is like walking into the party, if you are a wallflower no one would know the value that you can offer, but if you learn to become a social butterfly and then readers will know what you specialize in.

Blogging is a way to take note of what was going on around you, it is a way for you to start a conversation without meeting a friend or a group. Forums were popular long before blogs, but with blogs, your topics would bring out people with whom you have stuff in common.

With blogging, you have chance to given and received advice on different topics by provide valuable advice in your field, as well as sharing your expert opinion on a matter.

With blogging, you can open the doors for potential businesses and make it easier for current clients to refer you to their customers and explore the new opportunities.

Today a blog is an effective tool for positioning, no matter it is a corporate blog for a company or a niche blog for building a personal brand. Learn How to Blog is not a rock science, as long as you follow the principles and work on it, you will have the fruits fall into your basket soon.

On other hand, social media is the tip of the iceberg of a bigger picture which is the online marketing. Unlike the traditional media described as a one-way street, with social media, example Facebook, customers can give essential market research opportunities by just commenting on a product or service online.

Social media can help your businesses by knowing the network the user is on, IP address of where the user’s logging in from. However, there are some significant difference between blogging and Facebook.

Keep words short, here are the infographic from Word View Editing, it listed down 10 very clear reasons of why blogging is better than Facebook. Take your time go through it and then back to work on the content of your blog.

Facebook vs Blog 10 Reasons Business Blogging is Better than Facebook [Infographic]

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  1. Kay L. Brown says

    I’ve tried setting up a blogger on a whopping three times in the past 2 years. I’ve lost patience every time, only spending about 10-30 minutes trying to navigate my way through confusing layouts and gadgets I didn’t understand and had no idea what I was doing. I’m the wallflower who walks in a room, and if someone doesn’t walk up to me within a half an hour, I leave. At least with Facebook, I already have friends, family, somewhat of a following for my Photography page, personal page, and Knit / Crochet page. I have nothing if I actually successfully figure out how to create a blog. The sagebrush would blow by, the crickets would chirp, and I’d forget all about it because I spend so much time on Facebook. Sure, Facebook keeps changing, and it’s frustrating, but that’s the only social connection that remains constant.

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