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A paradise for every Internet marketer who dreams of building a network of niche websites that thrive on well-written content is here – Big Content Search.

It is a PLR (Private Label Rights) search engine that allows you to claim ownership of content produced by someone else. You can do anything you want with the product — tweak it, bundle it, sell it — it’s up to you how to maximize it to its full profit-making potential.

Big Content Search If you are new to Private Label Rights (PLR), you can go here to learn about it.

Big Content Search is the brainchild of Europe-based company, NiteoWeb Inc who are trying to be the one-stop-shop for every internet marketer’s PLR needs. It gives its members access to more than 100,000 PLR articles in over 200 niche markets.

You might say – there are lots of PLR sellers on the market, what sets Big Content Search apart from some other?

The answer is it gives importance to quality as much as being innovative. Coming up with new and handy features to add to it’s already very colorful toolbox is just one of the best things about the site. To ensure quality content, SPAM filtering and adding of fresh PLR articles are done regularly.

Its search and filtering feature, which makes the job a little less time-consuming. You don’t need to browsing through folder after folder, the hassle of that part of the work is eliminated. It also features an easy to use search navigation tool and the ability to save searches on your RSS feeds, making searches easier to resume and easy to conduct all the way through.

With Big Content Search, all you need to do is type your keyword in the search bar, hit search and you’ll be presented with a plethora of keyword-related articles to choose from. Once you find the articles you want, just click on them and download to your computer.

In addition, with content being so crucial in every Internet marketer’s attempt to build a well-visited empire of niche websites, the demand for high quality content has never been so high. Internet marketers who want to build their niche sites faster can grab PLR content like a kid grabs candy. Instead of laboring over the computer hour after hour churning up the content yourself, opt for PLR content instead.

As proof, below are some testimonials by satisfied customers, all of which are real, on file and verifiable.

Visiting and searching Big Content Search is like visiting a brand-new gift shop in a tourist town. It is bright, attractive, well-organized, and the owner is so excited to be there that he just can’t wait to help you. Great site, easy to search, glad to be a member!

….. It is an invaluable resource that allows you to find PLR articles in your niche easily and quickly. In many cases, some of the articles have never been downloaded before. I love the ability to search and select an article for later download. You can find all the articles you need and then download them in a batch – a real-time saver. This is truly a service required by every internet marketer – once you start to use it, it becomes a core part of your process.

See more testimonials on Big Content Search website.

You don’t have to believe what I said, check out the Big Content Search search engine for three days for only $1 and see it yourself.

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