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Every webmaster wants their website to be appeared at the top of search engines page when people do the search. Among the many different online marketing strategy, search engine optimization (SEO) is probably the trickiest job in the webmaster world.

One of the most important factor to be considered in Google SERPs (we have been taught) is knowledge about content and Links. But how exactly do you go about getting links and where to get it isn’t talked about very often in SEO forums. Add to that, some of the information in SEO forums are simply wrong. A lot of time, they don’t tell you what to do, why do this and that and how to do etc. That’s I want you to look into the SEO Book today.

It is a guide by search engine optimization expert Aaron Wall who teaches the fundamentals and best practices of SEO. He is a well-recognized profession for his work on search engine optimization, and his SEO book provides an easy to understand guide on how achieve better search engine ranking for your website.

If you have even a wee bit experience of search engines from an optimizer’ point of view then you must be aware of the fact that if there is something that Search Engines are actually notorious about, it is the Speed at which they change their ranking algorithms.

There are over 100 training modules in SEO Book that covering all gamut of search engine optimization, from keyword research, site structure optimization, on and off page optimization, SEO linking, link building techniques and strategies, pay-per-click advertising and site monetization.

It is pretty comprehensive guide and it can take you a while to go through all of it. The information you get in SEO book is not based on theory but based on years of testing and tracking with dozens and hundreds of sites.

The best of all, SEO Book comes with lifetime updates which is especially important in search engine optimization since it almost changes every day. It isn’t terribly difficult to understand, Aaron tries to explain it in laymen terms so even people with no technical web background can read and learn.

As you know, there is no quick way to get your site ranked well in the search engines immediately but by using best SEO practices, you will eventually see your website ranked well in the search engines.

It offers free news and tips to help you to improve your ranking and search engine placement, it also have lots of interviews with the most successful SEO specialists. It has recently created a suit of cool SEO tools for FireFox that I highly recommend, install them today – its FREE.

Anyone that interested in SEO – from newbies to advanced webmasters, should pick up a copy of the SEO Book.

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