Revise Your Online Business Goals and Adjust Them Accordingly

Time passes so fast, we are stepping into June 2013. How is your online business doing? Good, improving or it is still go nowhere?

It has been said; over 95% of those who are trying to build an online business (generally operated out from their homes, in their spare time) are failing. Just like any other types of business, there are rules to follow on the online world.

Many Internet marketers have put the cart before the horse, they try to learn the techniques or generating traffic to their site, as well as how to make sales, but they hardly to spent any time developing a good business strategy.

Without an overall business strategy and clearly goals, any marketing technique that you use will only be one tenth as it could have been. Online Business Goals

Having the right marketing strategy is the key to develop a long-term profitable Internet business. When your strategy is developed you will find that the right traffic building techniques will just fall into place.

For years I have learned that to success in the Internet business is not a rock science, all you have to do is walk one mile further when everyone else stops, that extra mile makes all the difference, and once you make a habit of this, you will first discover what you can do and then discover your online destiny. You might want to go through these people’s successful stories to get some inspiration.

When THAT happens, magic comes into your life.

You need a coder just right for you … she/he appears out of nowhere.

You need a special writer .. she/he emails you out of nowhere.

You need the right partner … and she/he comes and shakes hands.

What I want to say is that when other people step aside you should move on and your angels will prepare the road for you. It means in building a successful online business, you need a well-thought plan. If you fail to plan, then by default, YOU PLAN TO FAIL. As a result, you will continue spend a huge amount of time in ‘chasing your tail’ – but not really headed in ANY direction.

FOCUSED effort is one of the big secrets to success. If you can, spend some of your time to clearly defining what you ultimately want to achieve. Write down the goals on paper, review them frequently, use these goals to draw out a plan towards how you will build the business you really want to build.

As technology develop so fast, nowadays, get a website up is an easy thing to do, that’s maybe why many people just throw up a website, and then say that they are building an online business, but with no clearly defined goals. Day by day, they spend most of their time jumping from chore to chore, however, their business not really moving forward.

What I mean is that you must have or set up goals to guide you, but they don’t control you, to achieve a real online success, you need to know that from the very beginning you must be ULTRA organized.

You need to know and be able to decide what are the things need to do first, then focus on doing that. If you fail of doing this part of work, you will make little headway, that’s why it is so critical to write down the plan, as well as need to review it frequently.

Honestly with you, it is so easy to get side tracked and then discover MONTHS later that what you have been doing isn’t moving you toward achieving your goals.

Another thing you need to realize is that YOU CAN NOT DO EVERYTHING BY YOURSELF.

Things that General Involved in Building a Successful Online Business

  • Developing or finding a product or service that is in demand and has a large market willing to pay to have you solve some problem
  • Having a system for contacting that market and making them aware of your product or service
  • Reminding the market of your product or service frequently so that when they recognize that they need this product or service they also realized that you are who they should get it from
  • Continuously striving to reach more members of this market
  • Developing or locating additional products or services that this market needs and wants
  • Making this market aware of these additional ‘back-end’ products or services

Other Chores Includes

  • Building a list of people who are interested in what you are ‘selling’
  • Staying in contact with this list of people
  • Conveying to this list of people how and why what you are selling is the solution to one of their problems, wants, or needs.
  • Building a website which helps you locate suitable prospects for your product.
  • Utilizing as many means as practical to locate members of your target market and drawing them into your ‘system’

This last sub-chore is VERY important. It often takes many contacts with a prospect before they will buy. They need to get to know you, trust you, and realize that your product or service fulfills one of their needs or wants.

Your ‘system’ must be set up to capture their contact information, track your contacts with them, and AUTOMATICALLY follow-up. If your follow up is not automated, you won’t achieve 5% of the success that you would otherwise achieve.

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