You Want to Rock that Blogging World

Let’s be honest, just like anything else in life, blogging is not for everyone. But don’t let that stop you from becoming a blogger either, there is such a low barrier to entry to blogging.

However, to transform your blog into a powerfully-leveraged tool that opens doors and allows you to change the world, it does take your time to get there.

If you are a new blogger who wants to entering the blogging world in 2015, before diving yourself into that ocean, there are some basic things you need to know. I learnt it the hard way but you don’t have to.

Below is a fact list that I put together about what they didn’t tell you about blogging for newbies, hope you find it helpful.

Good To Know List

1. Blogging is easy to start but hard to maintain because it needs you to feed it with fresh content.
2. People expect consistently good content, if you can’t provided that, quality readers walk away.
3. You can extend your brand via the blog but it is hard to build a brand by blogging.
4. Blogging is an addiction and sometimes it can be serious.
5. If you want to succeed, you HAVE to start making others succeed first.
6. You don’t climb up by pulling down other people.
7. It takes time to produce “Timeless Content.” But “timeless content” produces results (traffic included) in the long run.
8. Traffic is important but “Quality” traffic is more important.
9. Never ask for links.
10. Using the right tools is VERY important to get the right feedback.

11. Don’t apply the rule of reciprocation to blogs.
12. Don’t impose your rules on other bloggers.
13. Don’t write if you don’t have anything to write.
14. Don’t expect short-term benefits, there are none.
15. Your attitude DOES show up on your blog.
16. Getting attention may be easy; but maintaining it is hard.
17. If you don’t care passionately about your readers, they won’t care for you too.
18. What you do outside the blog is equally important.
19. You can never stop learning; now you got to learn FAST.
20. You WILL get critics, so get use to it.

21. You have to give back!
22. Not only is blogging addictive, blogging stats are addictive too.
23. Barring exceptions, older posts are considered dead.
24. Blogging is personal even you write it for business blog, you have to have your own voice.
25. Traffic is not the only metric of success in blogging.
26. Name of your blog matters.
27. Create tipping points for your blog.
28. Set time aside for your blog fans.
29. You can join the discussion but you got to have something original to say.
30. Your blog can change who you are.

31. Your blog can change who your readers are.
32. Blogging can make a serious impact on your personal brand.
33. Not everyone who should be blogging is blogging.
34. Not everyone who is blogging should be blogging.
35. There is no one secret recipe to make your blog successful.
36. Not all the blogging tips are applicable to everyone.
37. You can make your blog the ultimate leverage engine.
38. Blogging will increase your capacity to do more good.

Heads Up and Things to Keep in Mind

1. If you started blogging because it seemed cool, you may be struggling or suffering to continue the effort.

2. If you are constantly suffering with what to write next, you may not be blogging on the topic that you are passionate about.

3. If you are not getting enough traffic to your blog, you may not be spending enough time building relationships with your audiences.

4. If you have ideas but struggling to write, then you are not investing enough in yourself to acquire the skills required to blog, and,

5. If you have ideas and are passionate about a topic and are inclined to write but don’t have the time, you have not worked to integrate blogging in your life yet.

Remember that when you started blogging, the only thing that really matters is superior content. If you can focus on just providing great content, you can still win BIG in the blogging world!

However, if after you try so hard and you find yourself not having fun with blogging, you might want to revisit your decision and see if blogging is really for you. Otherwise, your blog will end up in the blogging graveyard, sooner than later.

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