Get A Web Hosting For Your Website

One of the most important things for having your own web site set up and run efficiently is to select a quality web host. Where you have your site hosted can really make the difference between a successful website and a failure, this is very important.

Before you make a decision on which web hosting service should you be use, here are the things you need to look for in selecting a web host:

1) Unlimited Disk Space

You don’t want to see when people are trying to access your site, your site run out of the disk space

2) Unlimited Bandwidth

how to choose a web host It’s important that your host is able to deliver your content especially during the event period, like product launching or new seminar start up, because it is the time that a lot of people are visiting your site.

3) Unlimited Websites

Depend on your own situation, you may start with one site first, but you may find you want to launch other sites later as well. So this option is important.

4) Free Setup

There’s no reason you should be paying setup fees.

5) 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

No one can guarantee 100% uptime, but some hosts can get awfully close.

6) Installed Software for Systems, Database, Scripting, Email and more

This will appear as CGI, Perl, MySQL, SSH, POP and other acronyms (honestly, I don’t understand them all). It’s ok, you don’t need to understand them either.

7) CPanel Hosting

This is the defacto control panel which making things easy for you to administer your site

8) 24/7/365 Support

I have been with hosts before who didn’t answer their support ticket, emails and phones. It’s scary, it is critical – good customer support.

9) No Contracts or Hidden Fees

Everything should be made clear and there should no any hidden fees.

10) A Fair Price

Most hosts start at $10 or so per month, which is not bad, but there are some better ones.

I’ve used a number of web hosts in the past few years. I’ve had some nightmarish experiences and I’ve had some great experiences. Often time, people asked who I recommend for web hosting.

The host I’ve found that meets all of the above requirements and beats the price on all others is HostGator. I have several sites are hosted with them.

The “Baby” plan is a good choice, because it’s affordable yet it also offers you plenty of features, including adding unlimited domain names to your account (in case you’d like to expand your business).

Tip: You may quickly discover that a lot of domain registrars offer web hosting. And a lot of web hosts offer domain registration. However, I strongly urge you to use separate companies for web hosting and domain registration. That’s because this helps ensure that one company doesn’t completely control both your domain name and your website. It’s simply safer for you this way, since you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket.

Once you have both your domain name and hosting, then you need to complete a task that’s referred to as changing your DNS (domain name servers).

The reason you need to do this is because until you link your domain name directly to your web hosting account, your domain name will NOT show up when you type your domain name in your browser address bar. It’s like your domain doesn’t even exist on the internet.

If you used HostGator, then you need only look to your welcome email to retrieve your unique set of two domain nameservers. Simply follow the instructions above to change the default nameservers to the unique nameservers given to you by them.

So don’t sweat it as you look for the perfect web host. If you don’t feel like to use above this this hosting services, here are the list of Web Host provider that I find is offering the high quality service, you can check them out.

I am satisfy with HostGator‘s services and I think you will be happy with it as well.

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    We need to choose a web host that can provide us with what we need and what we wanted, this is one basic rule. Our web host can be very helpful in building our sites. So there is a great need to find a web host that is perfect for us and that will work perfectly as well.

    • annliu

      Yes, to choose a web host that based on each user’s needs and wants is correct. It is always good if there have some guidelines for people to study before they make the final decision in buying a hosting package … :-)